Organic Decaffeinated Coffee (sweetened) Café au Lait Base

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■ Contents:
275 mL

■ Ingredients:
Organic coffee, organic sugar

■ Best-by date:

■ Store:
Store in a cool, dark place. Use as soon as possible after opening.

■ Origin:

Easily enjoy hot café au lait this Winter.
Just warm milk in the microwave at 500W for 80 seconds or at 600W for 70 seconds. Then dilute the café au lait base 4 to 5 times in the milk.
If you dilute the base before heating the milk its the same as boiling the coffee, which does not taste so good so make sure to heat the milk first.

Organic Decaffeinated Mexico is a decaffeinated coffee that we came across when we started looking for the best tasting decaffeinated coffee in the world. The decaffeination process using water (mountain water method) gives the coffee the same taste as regular coffee without the peculiar taste of decaffeinated coffee.
The delicious organic decaffeinated coffee from Mexico is deep roasted and then mixed with milk to make an authentic café au lait, “Organic Decaffeinated Coffee Café au Lait Base”.
It is caffeine-free, making it safe for pregnant and lactating women and children who do not like milk. It contains organic sugar and is sweetened, but no other additives are used.

Please try our safe and delicious Café au Lait Base.
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