4 Bags of Ice Coffee Fruity Blend

$12 inc. VAT

■ Contents:
1 piece 40 x 4 pack

■ Ingredients:
Ground Coffee Beans

■ Best-by date:
3 months from manufacturing

■ Store:
In a cool, dark and dry place.

■ Origin:
Ethiopia and Guatemala

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We have created a cold brew coffee pack that you can enjoy by simply immersing the Fruity Blend in water. We sell 4 packs containing 40g of coffee each. It’s the quick and easy way to get a relaxing drink!

To prepare a delicious drink, first pour water to moisten the entire coffee bag and wait for about 30 seconds. When the pack is completely moist, add 500 ml of water and steep it in the refrigerator for 4 to 5 hours before drinking. Adjust the strength of the coffee to your liking.

If you prepare it before going to bed, you can get up and if you prepare it before going out, you can enjoy delicious iced coffee immediately after returning home.
We made it with all our hearts so that it would be as soothing and enjoyable for you as much as possible.

Since it is soaked in water, you can enjoy a refreshing and refreshing taste.
The characteristics of watering out are not the bitterness and richness of ordinary iced coffee, but the flavor that spreads in your mouth and the iced coffee that you can drink refreshingly in the hot summer.
The special thing about the Fruity Blend is that it tastes more like a dark tea than a coffee, with a gorgeous flavor.
You can enjoy the flavor for 2-3 days after steeping the coffee.

Additional shipping costs outside of Japan.

Weight200 g


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