Livestream Every Sunday between 2:45pm and 3:15pm JST

Welcome to the Online VR Cat Café

The next event is on July, 2023

What is this about?

We run Online VR Cat Café livestream events Sundays between 2:45pm and 3:15pm JST.

Be sure to checkout snacktime at 3:00pm!

The video has sound so please be mindful of your device’s volume.

You can look around in 360° and if you listen carefully you can hear the cats purr and play!

No need to be here on time:

When the new stream starts, it will get recorded and availble until the next stream starts. You can replay whenever you like.

The recording will be available to view on this page right until the next livestream starts.

※The livestream available to fanclub members is also a place where people live, so various things can be seen in the area. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause, and we hope you will understand.

Click here if you have trouble viewing
In the event of a problem, we will respond immediately. Please reload your browser after a few moments to view the site.

[System Requirements] At a minimum, a 2012 or newer computer with Google Chrome. Or a mobile device with the latest YouTube application installed. 16Mbit/s or higher unrestricted internet connection.
[Recommended] Place your smartphone in something like Google Cardboard or similar. Use earphones to experience directional sound.
[Best Experience] Use a dedicated VR headset or device.

What is Virtual Reality (VR)?

VR is a collection of different technologies to simulate environments and experiences.

By wearing “VR goggles” like manager Bob in the picture, you can enjoy the realistic feeling as if you were spending time with cats in that room!

But don’t worry! …You don’t need VR goggles to experience it.

Using a smartphone▶▶▶▶You can view a 360-degree view by simply changing the orientation of your device without scrolling the screen.

Using a computer ▶︎ Simply scroll up, down, left or right on the screen.

Online VR Cat Cafe Behind the Scenes

※ On the day of the VR livestream, a second livestream from behind the scenes will be available on this page for 2 hours.

☆Bob´s House Official Fanclub☆

Fanclub Member’s gets exclusive access to the Fanclub Member’s Area.

  1. The Fanclub Member’s Area will be available 24/7 from two or three live webcast cameras at the same time. No audio is available. (Below : Reference image)
  2. In the Fanclub Member’s Area, there is a Daily Report corner on the condition of the cats fighting illnesses with images (*Note: The Daily Report corner is currently suspended due to Riku’s condition improving)
  3. There is also a chat where you can talk to other fanclub member’s, comment on the live stream and send eachother official emojis of Store Manager Bob and the others!
  4. We ship every new member a free gift after 3 months of membership.
  5. We report more information on the health of Store Manager Bob and his family and related information more quickly than on our social networking sites.

↓Read more on how to become a Fanclub member!

☆How to use VR-Goggles☆

⑴ Please install YouTube on your smartphone
⑵ Tap the text “Online VR Cat Café” in the upper left corner (not the logo).
⑶ Tap the Goggles-symbol in the lower right corner on the next screen (visible only in YouTube app).
⑷ When the screen is split into two, place your smartphone inside the VR-goggles.

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