VR Showroom

The time will be shortened today to one hour (*2:30pm to 3:30pm). It will be extended if the camera is working well.

Next Scheduled Event:



※Sixty minutes shorter than originally scheduled.

※The video has sound so be mindful of your device’s volume.

Click here if there is a problem viewing.

If there are technical difficulties, try to refresh your browser after 5-10 minutes.

Backstage・Fanclub Member’s Livestream

*Only available during the day of the event

How to use VR goggles

⑴ Please install YouTube on your smartphone

⑵ Tap the text “Online VR Cat Café” in the upper left corner (not the logo).

⑶ Tap the Goggles-symbol in the lower right corner on the next screen (visible only in YouTube app).

⑷ When the screen is split into two, place your smartphone inside the VR-goggles.