Welcome to Neko Café TiME!

We’re located a short walk from Fushimi Inari Grand Shrine. Store Manager Bob leads 13 cats, each with their own personality.

After visiting the shrine, why not take a break? All cat staff will be waiting for you!

Message from Store Manager Bob


New Home Page 3.0

New Home Page 3.0

July 13, 2017

Neko Café TiME turns three on August 15th, 2017!  We have completed the third renewal of our home page for the occasion.
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Live Stream

We have installed a camera overlooking the cat walk; just as you enter the cats' room, above the door! Especially Kohaku enjoys sleeping in the lime light. To best enjoy our 24/7 live stream, please follow these instructions🔻

① A red dot next to the LIVE button indicates it's live

② By clicking and dragging the red line, one can go back in time to see more

③ When you find a cat, let go of the red dot to see from there


2017 Certificate of Excellence

– Charlie C

Cat Haven in Kyoto
“What a great time we had! A “must go” place for all cat lovers, or people just wanting to relax before/after visiting Fushimi Inari Taisha. All the cats look very healthy and were very playful during our visit. The manager was very kind too. Great place!”

– Charlie C
– PA_in_NYC

Excellent if You Love Little Cats!
“My wife loved this cafe! It is a soothing place to have coffee and pet a cat. They somehow keep the place very clean (saw a Roomba in the corner). The cafe also has air conditioning if you visit in the summer.”

– PA_in_NYC
– Vincent G

How Better to Relax
“After going to the Inari shrine we came across this cat cafe. It was cheap and the cats were friendly. A good spot to let your feet rest after walking up all the stairs. They dont let too many people in at the same time. This way everyone gets a cat. It also had a good view of the street where we caught a glimpse of a priestess blessing the area, I think.”

– Vincent G

Neko Café TiME Recommends

Kyoto Doubutsu Aigo no Kai is an NPO animal welfare organization, dedicated to the protection and wellbeing of stray cats in Kyoto’s Umejiro Park area. Through their devotion to their cause, stray cats in need receive medical treatment, nourishment and are sterilized. When possible, Kyoto Doubutsu Aigo no Kai also arranges adoption of stray cats once the’ve been nurtured back to health. They are also committed to raise awareness about stray cats and animals in general, hopefully to see fewer cats abandoned and miserable. For more information about their activities and how to donate, please click their logo above.

The proceeds from the sale of certain merchandise in our SHOP will be donated to cat charities such as Kyoto Doubutsu Aigo no Kai. Also, we have a donation box at our cat café. Thank you very much for your support!

Click the logo above to visit Artist Shimada Neko’s home page 🔼
Being a cat lover herself, every cat in Shimada Neko’s artworks are gentle and fairy like, overflowing with kindness and warmth. Each and every cat’s unique personality are apparent by their gentle expressions, like taken from a children’s book taking place in a faraway land.

Shimada Neko’s artworks are always on display at our cat café. When you visit us, please take a closer look at her artwork and let them fill you with a gentle warmth. If you’re touched by her art, why not buy a clear file or other merchandise based on Shimada Neko’s artwork at the cat café, or here in our SHOP?

Opening Hours: Sun-Thursday Mornings 7-9AM
Sun-Thursdays 11.30AM-6PM
Closed: Fridays and 3rd Saturday of the Month

※ Free Wi-Fi, non-smoking only

Yururi Café offers authentic Japanese slow-cooked curry from ¥600 and original coffee blends. Also, their freshly-baked seasonal cakes and mochi rice cakes among other pastries are highly recommended. A 3-minute walk from Neko Café TiME, Yururi boasts a small garden with bird baths and offers a refuge from the crowds of Fushimi Inari. If you visit during mornings or from 3PM in the afternoons you may have the chance to see the café’s poster cats Yu-chan & Rurippe!