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  • ⁂ Collaboration
    These are collaborative products made possible by the generosity of the artists at each store.
  • ☆ Kohakudo
    This is a collar store that makes your cat even cuter.
  • * 1/2tonatona
    This is a store that sells hammocks for cats and stylish cat goods that even people who don’t own cats can enjoy.
  • ✮ Shimada Neko
    Watercolor paintings of a healing and mysterious world with cats as the subject. Occasionally oil paintings. The store also has cute cat goods.
  • ◉ Kattegatt
    This is a store with vintage cat goods and other products from a store in Sweden.

Christmas Goods🎄

Are you ready for Christmas yet?

Bob’s House has a wonderful selection of Christmas items for you to choose from.

How about a gift for your cat or for yourself?

  • A Gift for You

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