Welcome to Neko Café TiME

Experience a cat café while in Japan!

Visit us after Fushimi Inari shrine in Kyoto. Come and cuddle with our cats, watch them play or see them basking in the sun!

Opening Hours

All-year round from 10.30 am to 6.00 pm. Our cats eagerly await you - even on holidays!


Time courses start at ¥700, each with a complimentary drink or ice cream.


From Kyoto station take the JR Nara line to JR Inari station. Click here for more directions.

Contact Us

Any questions? Drop us an email or call us directly on +81 909 861 0786

While in Japan, enjoy a unique experience together with 12 lovely cats!

Store Manager Bob leads his pack of 12 cute cats, each with their own personality. You will have plenty of fun playing with the energetic younger ones like Totoro or Goma. Or, why don't you just sit and relax while petting a charming cutie like Kinako or Azuki?

We offer canned drinks like coffee or tea or a variety of Japanese flavors. There's also ice cream, if you would rather have that. Explore our bookshelf with manga and magazines in both English and Japanese when you just want to take a break from the crowds outside.

Our Café

Welcome to their home

Since we're on the second floor, we have a great view of the crowds flocking to Fushimi Inari shrine on the street below and also the river which is lined with sakura trees.

Low sofas and counter seats ensure the cats are always in focus. From our cat walk lining the walls, the cats can observe the human visitors from above. Our bookshelf with mangas and magazines can be accessed from both sides and there are plenty of cat toys you can pick up as well.

Our Rules

So cats and humans can interact nicely

Let's agree on something

Please don't chase, yell at or pick up the cats; they get stressed by it. Pet them nicely and speak in a normal tone. The staff can show you how to pet the cats.

Taking pictures

Taking pictures is fine as long as you don't use flash as it can scare the cats. Show us some neko love by tagging your uploaded pictures and videos with #nekocafetime

Petting Other Cats

Due to fear of infections, we cannot let you enter our store if you have petted stray cats outside or if you have been to another cat café on the day you visit us. Please understand.

Charging Smart Phones

We have chargers and an assortment of cables you can borrow to charge your smartphone; just ask the staff. There's also free WiFi to all our guests!

Meet our Staff

Cute, cuddly and happy cats are waiting for you!

Bob ♂

Store Manager

He is kind and caring and makes sure all cats are happy. He will often greet guests at the door.

Mikan ♀

Calico Cat

She adores Bob and likes to be near him. She can be a bit scared sometimes but has no problem if she trusts you.

Momo ♀


Momo is a cross Himalayan-Persian breed and our very own grumpy cat! She definitely comes out of hiding if there's food nearby.

Kinako ♀


Kinako thinks she's prettier than the rest. She also prefers to hang out with guests in the waiting room rather than with other felines.

Thank You For Your TiME!

A Word from Neko Café TiME

Regarding the gifts and souvenirs at our shop
The illustrations are made by the talented Shimada Neko and you can get her creations as framed artworks, clear files or post cards. The handmade cat goods are made by one of our staff. Some of the proceeds from our souvenirs go to supporting cat shelters in the Kyoto area.