7 Hand-packed Drip Bags of Coffee | Fruity Blend

$10 inc. VAT

■ Contents:
1 bag = 12g

■ Ingredients:
Ground Coffee Beans

■ Best-by date:
3 months from manufacturing

■ Store:
In a cool, dark and dry place.

■ Origin:
Ethiopia and Guatemala

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“Home Food 2021”
7 freshly ground, hand-packed drip bags of Fruity Blend coffee, one bag for each day of the week.
This is a blend of shallow roasted Ethiopian Yirgacheffe and medium roasted Specialty Guatemala. The result is a blend with a distinctive aroma and acidity.
Each bag contains 12 grams of coffee, enough for most types of coffee drinkers out there!

To make a good brew, drop in hot water to moisten the whole thing and let it steep for about 30 seconds.
Then, slowly drop the hot water and leave the filter immersed in the coffee for about a minute. You can adjust the soaking time to your liking.

As we spend more and more time at home these days, please take time to relax with a cup of freshly brewed coffee.

Additional shipping costs outside Japan.

Weight200 g


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