Virtual Cat Café Ticket

    $4.50 inc. VAT

    What You Will Get

    Lifetime access to all our scheduled 360° live streaming events. Experience the cat café as if you really were there!

    Why You Should Get It

    You support our family of 12 felines by buying the ticket. See it as a donation which lets you see the cats close up as if you were there!

    What is so Special?

    Virtual Reality and related technologies are on everyone’s lips. Yet, have you even heard of a virtual cat café before? Now is your chance!

    What is Virtual Reality?

    VR is a set of different technologies meant to simulate an environment or experience. Since being forced to close down our shop, we have thought about how we can still bring the cat café experience to all our fans.

    Starting February 26th, 2022, we will schedule a 360° live streaming event every week for all VR-ticket holders and Fanclub members where you can experience our virtual cat café.

    System Requirements


    • A computer from 2012 or newer using Google Chrome.
    • A handheld device with the latest YouTube app installed.
    • An untethered Internet connection of 16 Mbit/s or above.


    • A handheld device using Google Cardboard or similar.
    • Earphones for directional sound experience.

    Best Experience


    Initially, we will host a live event every Sunday between 2pm and 4pm. VR-ticket holders, donators and Fanclub members will receive an email with a special password and a link to the VR-stream. For those who cannot attend, there will be temporary recording of the live stream, so you can enjoy the experience afterwards, so you can replay.


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