Bolivia ASO RUBEN Specialty Coffee (set of 3 types of roasted beans)

$14 inc. VAT

■ Contents:
3 x 100g per bag (please indicate desired roasting level at checkout)

■ Ingredients:
Ground Coffee Beans

■ Best-by date:
3 months from manufacturing

■ Store:
After opening the seal, store it in a closed container or close the opening and store it away from high temperature and humidity. You can keep it fresh even when stored in the refrigerator. In that case, please be careful about the odor of other products.

■ Origin:

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“Home Food 2021”
Bolivia ASO RUBEN Specialty Coffee (set of 3 types of roasted beans)

This time, we had a chance to deal with Bolivian specialty coffee.
We tried shallow roasting, medium roasting, and deep roasting to find the most suitable roasting.
The shallow roast had a clean mouthfeel with a fruity sweetness, while the deep roast had a bitter chocolate-like richness and an orange-like aftertaste.
The medium roast had a good balance of the two flavors and could be enjoyed at any roasting level.
We have decided to sell a set of three 100g bags with three different roasting degrees: shallow roasted, medium roasted, and deep roasted. Please state your preferred roasting degree and how many bags you want of each at checkout. Price is for three bags of 100g each.
For each roasting level, we will also enclose the recommended brewing method, including the grind and gram size.

If you have a particular roasting level or preference that you don’t like, you can order a different combination.
At checkout, write for example “two medium roasts and one deep roast”.

The producer is ASO RUBEN Coffee Association. They team up with coffee farmers to maintain the natural environment.
This is a specialty coffee that protects the forest and is cultivated without using pesticides.
Coffee cherries grown in rich and nutritious soil at an altitude of 1200m to 2500m are carefully hand-harvested only in good condition. Therefore, it is a micro lot coffee with only a small yield.
In addition, the drying process after harvesting takes advantage of the climate of Bolivia, and under the detailed guidance of experts,
This is done while maintaining a balance between sun drying and shade drying.
The coffee beans are then cupped and sorted into specialty coffees with a score of 85 or higher, and stored in a warehouse at an altitude of 4,000 meters where the temperature is low and humidity can be controlled.
The beans are then sorted by hand picking, packaged, and shipped by air to maintain quality.
The beans were imported to Japan.

Additional costs of shipping outside of Japan.

Weight200 g


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