Original Gratitude Envelopes Whiskers「White Cat」

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This is wonderful gift envelope for gifts of all kinds produced by Kyo-Kaera based on the philosophy of “bringing comfort and laughter into your daily life”. Choose a greeting of your liking to make it even more special!

Item name: Gratitude envelopes
Material: Paper (special cloth paper)
Size: About 17 cm in length, 8 cm in width, no gusset. Fits about 10 bills.
Design and produced by: Kyo-Kaera

Fits anything from ¥1,000 to ¥10,000 bills perfectly!
The size fits a purse neatly too!
Completely original design by Kyo-Kaera and Kaho.
There is a style to fit a variety of personalitites and use cases.
You can make a strong appeal.

The design features a cute cat’s mustache as a red and white mizuhiki, and the noshi.
The paw marks and bells are casually depicted in a way that is uniquely Kyo-Kaera.
The back of the lid and the bottom of the back are also decorated with cute footprints.
Perfect to show a gesture of appreciation to cat-loving loved ones, friends or acquaintances.
Not just money, surprise someone with sweet bonbons for example!
Small gifts are fine too!
Pro-tip: put a bar of chocolate inside (^ ^)


In Japan it is customary to give monetary gifts to show appreciation to someone using these pouches called gratitude envelopes.
This is a more sophisticated way to give a tip or gift to someone.
However, while tipping is not common in Japan anymore, people of class still prepare some money in advance in these envelopes to hand over at the hotel for example.
More commonly, people receive these envelopes during birthdays and at the New Year celebrations.
This original design has a cute cat pattern.


Weight100 g
Original Gratitude Envelopes [Whiskers]

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