Hontezuri Kyoto-style Yuzen Tenugui Hand Towel, Four Seasons Design of Flower Plants and Pine Trees

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This is an authentic Kyoto-style yuzen dyed tenugui hand towel. The style is known for its beautiful colors and patterns.


Item: Tenugui Hand Towel
Fabric: 100% Cotton
Dyeing: Kyoto-style yuzen hand-dyeing
Dyeing School: Kyoto Traditional Industry Excellent Engineer (Kyoto Master Craftsman)
Yuzen Master: Takenori Uchida
Planning and design: Kyo-Kaera/Ryosuke Okamoto

Width: approx. 35 cm Length: approx. 90 cm

This tenugui hand towel is dyed by authentic traditional hand-dyeing in Kyoto. It is different from what is generally called traditional hand-dyeing.
It is a tenugui towel like no other.
The series include Kyo-Kaera’s original “Dokuro” (skull) design, “Snowman” design, “Hanahotomatsu Four Seasons” design, and “Shikunji” design.
The 45 cm long mini tenugui can be used as a handkerchief or luncheon mat.
The regular type with a length of 90 cm is ideal for use as a scarf in hot weather or as a half collar for kimono lovers.
Or it is also ideal for making masks.
Please enjoy various uses with the unique colors and patterns of authentic hand-dyed tenugui hand towels that you cannot find anywhere else.
Those with a keen eye would see that the there is a design to the wrapping paper as well, so it can be used in turn to make a great gift!

The way the pattern appears is dependent on the location of each cut of fabric and because of the authentic Kyoto-style yuzen hand-dyeing technique itself.
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Weight100 g
Four Seasons of Flower Garden Pine

A・Light-yellow with Purple Stars, B・Brown Stars on Light-yellow Background, C・Light-blue Background, D・Blue Background, E・Light-blue Background, F・Sky-blue Pine Trees on Light-pink Background, G・Pine Trees in Blue on a Light-pink Background


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