Kohakudo (Amber Hall) is a shop that mainly makes cat-friendly collars. The designs are not only safe for your cat to use, they are also wonderfully cute. Knitted cat head wearables are also popular from this store.

half tonatona


1/2tonatona (half-tonatona) makes cute creations for humans with cat themes. Everything is knitted and sewed by hand and therefore one-of-a-kind! Recently some items made for cats have been made available. Unique and quite fashionable.

Shimada Neko Logo

Shimada Neko

SHIMADANEKO is a painter from Osaka, Japan 🇯🇵
Shimada, who loves cats, depicts cats living in a mysterious world that is quite different from our own. She uses mainly watercolor but sometimes oil paint in her art. There are many of her works that warms the heart of the viewer.

Kattegatt Logo


This shop sells vintage items that have been cherished by people but also modern products for any life-style. Though most products are made in Sweden they are not limited to that. Vintage items from all over the world are handled so have a look for yourself! As items are shipped from Sweden there may be long delivery times.