Live Streaming Every Sunday from 2:45pm – 3:15pm Japanese Standard Time! 🎥

Welcome to the Online VR Cat Café

⬆︎If it’s your first time, begin by buying a ticket!

Once you have bought the VR-ticket, you will receive a password in your email.

Fanclub members and anyone who has donated to the cat café have received the password to their email (no need to buy a ticket).

In case you are missing the password:

–> Contact us at [email protected]

⬆︎For those with a valid ticket (i.e. password)!

Fanclub members are of course welcome!

Snack time starts about 3 pm!

The microphone is on 🎤 so, expect to hear some sounds as well.

It’s okay to be late to the show! You can rewind to watch whatever you have missed on the day of the stream.

☆To Member’s of Bob´s House Official Fanclub☆

  • From the Fanclub area you can watch “backstage” as the VR-stream is on (see below).
  • In the Fanclub area, the latest news about Momo and Riku is posted (see below).
  • There is no sound in the Fanclub live stream.

⬆︎After logging in, access the Fanclub area from here.

⬆︎Any logged in members may proceed from here.

☆Recommendation for VR-Googles☆

You can enjoy without, however with them it’s something else!

You simply put your smartphone inside to experience everything in VR!

※A more in-depth guide is available in the VR Showroom