BOB♂ ”Store Manager”

Born 20th July 2011, Store Manager Bob is adored by all our staff. Except for Pekoe, who will punch him if he gets too close.
He loves being scratched below his chin and will happily purr in return. However, he rarely plays with toys.
Bob usually sits in the Store Manager Box, supervising the café together with Mikan. His big eyes and tuxedo-pattern bring luck to all visitors of Neko Café TiME.

PEKOE♀ ”Orange Pekoe”

Born 8th August 2013, Pekoe has a hot-cold personality. When something irritates her, she angrily waves her tail back and forth, sulking.
She usually sleeps until the evening, only waking up just before a rain shower. Pekoe therefore doubles as our weather forecaster.
Pekoe likes being left alone. However, if Acchan shows up, she shows her gentle side by happily grooming her. There is something about Store Manager Bob she dislikes and will deliver cat punches if he comes near.

MIKAN♀ ”Mandarin Orange”

Born 1st May 2014, Mikan lived with her mother and siblings on the street before being rescued. Maybe that’s why she is always nervous. Please be extra careful around her.
Out of all her sisters, only Mikan has long fur. Mikan truly loves Bob and always tries to be close to him, grooming his fur and getting groomed in return. She usually sleeps in the cat tower box. When she’s in there, please don’t touch her.

RAN♀ ”Orchid”

Born 3rd April 2014, Black Beauty of Neko Café TiME
Ran’s shining jet black fur and elegance makes her a real cat beauty.
When she wants attention, she meows and come brushing her head against you.
Ran’s patience keeps her from getting angry when other cats are being petted or are playing beside her. However, she sometimes joins the fun and play with the kittens. Just so you know, she is the fastest and most agile of all cat staff!

MOMO♀ ”Peach”

Born 22nd May 2014, Neko Café TiME’s own Grumpy Cat!
Momo’s dad was Himalayan and mom was Persian. Her face is like her mother’s.
Momo is all “my pace” and usually sleeps all day. She can be hard to find so please search for a bit to find where she’s sleeping.
Momo doesn’t really like being petted so she might put up a paw to stop your hand. She has a sweet tooth so you will definitely see her when there’s cat treats.

Kinako♀ ”Soy Flour”

Born 1st August 2014, Neko Café TiME’s Escape Artist
Kinako usually moves very little if not at all. However, when the door opens she nimbly escapes quicker than the eye can follow!
She thinks she’s the cutest of all and loves being pampered. Kinako, though being a cat likes coffee for some reason.
She is a bit chubby and with her glowing orange eyes looks a lot like a small tanuki (Japanese raccoon dog). Kinako is easily mistaken for Pekoe who instead has green eyes.

Rai♂ ”SamuRai”

Born 27th April 2015, Cat or human, anything goes Rai-kun!
He is like a loving brother to the kittens.
Rai really seems to like Store Manager Bob and often imitates him. When Bob is close, he often turns into a kitten and wants to be pampered by him. Rai has a black spot in his right ear. He is most active before noon or after dark.

Yuzu♂ ”Citron”

Born 21st September 2015, Yuzu and Pon are brothers.
Despite being a little plump, Yuzu has excellent reflexes! Try him out by playing with some cat toys! He likes strings and straps of bags and the like, so watch out! His white paws look like he is wearing white socks and mittens.

Pon♂ ”Ponzu Sauce”

Born 21st September 2015, Pon and Yuzu are brothers.
Pon often rides your back if you bend or stoop over. Scratching on slippers is his hobby.
Pon also likes the inner side of rucksacks for some reason. He really loves cat snacks so watch out as he tries to climb your knees or arms! It might be easier to feed him while standing up.

AZUKI♀ ”Red beans”

Born 25th November 2015, Azuki’s nickname is “Acchan”.
Acchan replies with a meow if you call her by name.
She knows exactly how to get pampered by both humans and cats. So much so that even lone-wolf Pekoe can’t help but groom her.
Acchan is very tolerant toward the kittens and both plays with them and sleeps with them to keep them happy. She acts like every kitten’s big sister.

KOHAKU♂ ”Amber”

Born 23rd June 2016, Neko Café TiME’s long-awaited beautiful white cat!
Kohaku’s name comes from her bright amber eyes.
Kohaku enjoys being petted and happily purrs away in return!
He even sometimes licks around his mouth like dog when petted.
His favorite sleeping spot is in the corner of the cat walk, just above the door (and in plain sight of the live stream). Kohaku’s favorite things are toys with fur and tender chicken treats!

RIKU♂ ”(To) Land”

Born 9th September 2016, Riku means “to land” as in boats and airplanes.
When Riku came to Neko Café TiME, Acchan took care of him. Maybe that’s why he knows how to get both cats and people to pamper him.
He is such a good boy, he has never once been scolded by the older cats. Riku loves being petted as much as playing and is a master in getting his legs stuck in plastic bags. He has good reflexes so please play with him!

GOMA♂ ”Sesame”

Born 29th September 2016, Goma is not completely black if one looks closely, but striped. He has a white spot on his belly as well.
He is a bit of a rascal and jumps before other cat staff members, nagging them to play with him.
Other cats may find him irritating however, Pon seems to like him. They are often seen sleeping together. Maybe they are more alike than it seems?
Goma is crazy about cat snacks and because of his lack of manners, please feed him from a plate. He often mistakes fingertips for cat snacks.

TOTORO♂ “Curious Kitten”

Born 18th April 2017. He has a mysterious gray color with a streak pattern if you look closely. Full of vigor, Totoro thinks every other cat is his playmate! Even though the others run away, get angry with him or chase him away, he takes it all as positives. That’s just the kind of guy he is!
If you stroke him on his chin when sleepy, he might show you his ”lay-on-his-back-pouting-his-stomach-and-purring-contently” killer-move of cuteness!