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Drink or Ice cream?

Drink or Ice cream is included in all time plans!

Choose either a hot or cold drink,


From a variety of ice creams!


Buy a Wagashi (traditional Japanese confectionary) or make yourself popular with cat treats!




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Ice cream and Tuna:

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Soda can:


We kindly ask you to read through the rules of Neko Café TiME below.

  • First rule - Be gentle with our cats. Though they like cuddling, you should never force them to. If they go away don't chase after them or grab them by the tail.
  • Second rule - Don't lift the cats. Imagine yourself if someone lifted you up and held you several times a day, it's tiresome!
  • Third rule - Don't feed the cats. Their stomach can't take human food but they'd appreciate if you buy them a snack.
  • Fourth rule - Don't make loud noises. Cat ears are sensitive, so please don't yell or make loud noises, they can get scared!
  • Fifth rule - Don't disturb sleeping cats. You can pet them gently, but it is not necessary to wake them up.
  • Sixth rule - Don't get angry with our cats. Cats are animals, and if they happen to scratch or bite you by accident don't blame or hurt them.
  • Seventh rule - Adults are responsible for their children. If your children's behavior is disturbing to our cats, we will kindly ask you to leave.
  • Eighth rule - Leave when your time is up. Please make sure you are not leaving any personal belongings behind.
  • Ninth rule - Please enjoy your stay and come again!

And don't forget, Neko Café TiME is non-smoking only. You may take pictures of our cats, but please don't use flash.