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Tuesday, April 7, 2020

Store Manager Bob says Welcome

Our Cats

Welcome to Their Home

Store Manager Bob takes care of his family of 12 lovely cats, each with their own personality!

As any cat lover will know, some cats are very chill, whereas others will keep for themselves and only let certain people near. This is what makes them unique and each cat at Neko Café TiME are loved and cared for by our staff.

Many of our cats are former strays so we hope you understand that some of them are not willing to sit on your lap. However, all of them are adjusted to humans and enjoy their company.

If you have any questions on how to interact with our cats, just ask the staff!


Store Manager

Bob is a Japanese bobtail - his tail is naturally short! He often greets guests at the door and works hard to keep both guests and the other cats happy.


Calico Cat

Mikan is a former stray that was very shy in the beginning. Now she is more than happy in her new-found home at the cat café! She adores Bob more than anything and often follows him around.


Grumpy Cat

Momo is Neko Café TiME's own grumpy cat! She's a Himalayan-Persian mix and needs grooming every day. She mostly keeps for herself but is sure to come out if there's a chance for a snack!


Weather Forecaster

Pekoe is named after the tea variety. She rarely wakes up but when she do, it's often before rain. She likes Acchan but for some reason punches Bob if he comes close...



Azuk is named after the red beans used in Japanese desserts - Acchan for short. She enjoys the company of Pekoe and has cute droopy eyes.



Rai is one big cat and he knows it! He sometimes start fights because he know he will win. However, he respects Bob and often follows him around and immitates him. He's like a second store manager.