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金曜日, 6月 18, 2021


猫カフェタイムへようこそ! 猫カフェとは猫のいるカフェ。それは日本独自のものです。
猫が好きで家で飼っているけれど他の猫とも触れ合いたい方、 猫を飼いたくても事情があって飼えない方、実家にいる猫と離れて暮らす方たちが猫と触れ合える場所です。もちろん、全く猫と関わった経験の無い方にも、猫と触れ合う初体験にいかがですか?
ここではドリンクを飲んだり、小さなデザートを食べたりできます。 しかし、ほとんどの方は一目散に猫を求めるので、そのことにあまり興味は無いようです!
眠っている猫をなでたり、猫と遊んだり、日光浴している猫の写真を撮ったりして過ごしてください。猫が膝に乗ってきたら、どうぞ優しく受け入れてあげてください。 質問があればスタッフになんでも質問してくださいね!

Our Cats

Qifan Huang

"Compact but cozy, cats are friendly and I'd love to spend an entire summer afternoon reading, eating ice cream and spending time with all the cuties here! The owner is super nice and seems to be a genuine cat lover so all of them are treated very well here. Would definitely recommend!"

Anthony Killackey

"Amazing experience. We stopped after visiting the Fushimi Inari shrine to relax and had a wonderful time. The owner is exceptionally passionate about taking care of her Neko and the café is spotless. 700 yen includes a drink or ice cream with 20 minutes of time to relax with cats. The 13 cats each had unique personalities and were a joy to be around. Highly recommend coming here!"


"This feline venue provided a welcomed respite from the bustling crowds outside journeying to and fro Fushimi Inari-taisha. It was nap time as most of the cats were slumbering, including Bob AKA Store Manager, who resembled one of our cats back home. But nonetheless, it was a pleasant sanity break in that serene setting."

Rules of Conduct

When you visit our cat café you are visiting their home. Please read and understand our few simple rules before your visit:

  • Please don’t pick up the cats as they get stressed by it
  • Please don’t yell or speak in a high voice
  • Please don’t chase the cats or grab them by their tail
  • Please don’t poke their faces with toys and the like
  • Guardians are responsible for their children