“Chance upon this place after visiting Fushimi Inari-taisha Shrine on a rainy afternoon. To our surprise the place was empty so we got the entire place to ourselves!

We paid 1300yen each for an hour with a choice of drink or ice cream.

At first most of the cats were sleeping not until we decided to bought cat treats over the counter to lure their sense and they all woke up! YAY! The place is deco with a nice layout and is also great they provide charging points and all sorts of cables if you dont carry them with you.

The local lady who served us was nice but because we went to cat cafes before we knew what are the rules and regulations. A couple came in and she did not share or show the rules on the card to them. Thus one of them lifted and carried the cat and luckily another staff who is not local but works there caught it in time and warn them and share with them the reason behind it.

Cats were nonetheless very fun to be with and happy that they are treated with much care love. Always a great place to set yourself away from the busy world.”