If you like Neko Café TiME, then perhaps you would like the pages we like?

  • Association of Kyoto Animal Protection Is a Non-Profit Organization dedicated to saving the lives of furry friends in Kyoto. [Japanese]
  • HINOYA The Real Estate Agent that is kindly Housing Neko Café TiME. [Japanese]
  • Neko Café Information Gathers all information there is about cat cafés throughout Japan. [Japanese]
  • handmade zacca shop Kemonoss Is a local handicraft artist next to Fushimi Inari Shrine. [Japanese]
  • The Culture Map is a travel blog run by Shing who kindly shared her views on her visit to Neko Café TiME. [English]
  • HCTOGIA is a personal blog run by Firda. She too stopped by our cat cafe on a trip to Japan. [English]
  • Cute Overload is a website dedicated to bringing daily cuteness-overload. In a post, they feature our cat cafe! [English]
  • CAMP-WAN is a blog belonging to the psychology department at Kyoto University. Our cats was part of their study! [Japanese]
  • Happy Pet World lists interesting places for pet-lovers. In this feature about cat cafés, Neko Café TiME was mentioned! [Japanese]
  • Healthy Apetite is a food blog run by Aya Sakamoto. While visiting Japan's different cafés, she happened to visit our cat café! [English]
  • Kyotopi is an article aggregation site by local Kyotoites! One member visited our cat café and wrote about it! [English & Japanese]
  • Mint Boy is the signature used on a personal blog, detailing a fascinating trip to Fushimi Inari and thereafter our splendid Neko Café! [Korean]
  • Meowsyy is another personal blog about a Kyoto trip which included our Neko Café! [English]
  • Långt Hemifrån is a blog by Finnish girl Jenny traveling the world! In her travels she stumbles upon Neko Café TiME! [Swedish]
  • pettimo is a webpage collecting information about all sorts of pets-related stuff. Our Cat Café is on it! [Japanese]