Celebrating 2 Years

2016 August 15Announcement

Today on August 15th, Neko Café TiME celebrates our 2nd year!

We are happy to have such wonderful visitors and such lovely cats to greet them all! Our staff is likewise always happy to cater to all your cat-craving needs!

Being close to Fushimi Inari Shrine, Neko Café TiME seems to receive some of the blessings of the famous Shinto shrine as well.

Thank you all once again for these wonderful two years and let the coming years be even better!


Neko Café TiME

New staff: Pon and Yuzu-chan!

2016 April 12Announcement

Everybody knows that, you will never have enough cats around. This is why we are proud to announce that two more cats entered in our four-legged staff.
They are two small, lean, red and white brothers rescued from the streets. They were born in September 2015, and after long months of  medical treatments (to make them healthy, and to protect the other cats from stray-life diseases) we finally brought them in the café. Since they are really young, their endless energy made the others a little bit bothered in the beginning. When they perform their brothers play/fight games, you can often see Ran looking at them like a proper elder sister, always ready to separate them if things become too strong. Mikan, the fluffy beauty that loves her peace spot, in the beginning often got angry at them, but they learned fast not to annoy her and everything went fine.

Bob, the store manager, for sure told them properly how to behave in their community!

Now they play around all day, enjoy cat snacks customers buy for them (Pon sometimes bites, but it’s just because he loves snaks sooo much he doesn’t want to let others take his part!), let people cuddle them for hours and we are definitely very, very happy they became part of the family!

Celebrating “Caturday” every month!

2015 May 21Announcement

Come celebrate “Caturday” or nyan-nyan no hi with us!
The 22nd of every month we will hold a lottery in which you will always win something!
Prizes include free entrance tickets, and more! Our staff of cats will be waiting for you from 10.30 am every day.

Japanese Language Exchange Event This Friday!

2015 April 2Announcement, Culture & Language Exchange

How about it?

-Cultural Language Exchange-

Are your Japanese skills feeling a bit rusty? You want to break the ice and talk to Japanese people but don’t know how? Let our cats help you with exactly that at Neko Café TiME’s 4th Cultural Language Exchange this Friday, 3rd of April!
Students of all nationalities are welcome! Join in on some fun intercultural communication!
Age doesn’t matter ^_^
Sign-up required. Start is 6 pm until 7.30 pm on April 3rd.
Simply register through the Facebook event page.

N.B. Participation fee of ¥972