Welcome in and spend some time in the company of our adorable cats!

In the heart of Fushimi, Kyoto – just a few steps away from the famous Fushimi Inari shrine, come in and enjoy a snack while cuddling with our beloved cats.

With a panorama view over the river; lined with beautiful sakura trees that explode with blossoms in spring, our café provides a well-deserved break as you tour the ancient city of Kyoto.

A café with cats you say?

Yes! A truly unique experience on your trip; a cat café is all about cats! As any cat lover will tell you, cats are lovable creatures that snuggle right up with you in exchange for your attention.

At Neko Café TiME, cuddle with our cats, watch them play or snap photos of them chilling in the sun. If you want, you can also buy them some cat snacks in order to have all of their attention!

Are there any rules of conduct? Bob1_20x33

But yes of course! We kindly ask you to read through the rules of Neko Café TiME below.

  • First rule - Be gentle with our cats. Though they like cuddling, you should never force them to. If they go away don't chase after them or grab them by the tail.
  • Second rule - Don't lift the cats. Imagine yourself if someone lifted you up and held you several times a day, it's tiresome!
  • Third rule - Don't feed the cats. Their stomach can't take human food but they'd appreciate if you buy them a snack.
  • Fourth rule - Don't make loud noises. Cat ears are sensitive, so please don't yell or make loud noises, they can get scared!
  • Fifth rule - Don't disturb sleeping cats. You can pet them gently, but it is not necessary to wake them up
  • Sixth rule - Don't get angry with our cats. Cats are animals, and if they happen to scratch or bite you by accident don't blame or hurt them.
  • Seventh rule - Adults are responsible for their children. If your children's behavior is disturbing to our cats, we will kindly ask you to leave.
  • Eighth rule - Leave when your time is up. Please make sure you are not leaving any personal belongings behind.
  • Ninth rule - Please enjoy your stay and come again!

And don't forget, Neko Café TiME is non-smoking only. You may take pictures of our cats, but please don't use flash

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Lots of fun, and a pleasant stop after the Fushimi Inari Shrines

“My husband and I decided to stop in here after a very long walk through the Inari shrines. Somewhere to sit and be entertained by adorable kitty cats for a bit. We only stayed 20 mins which is about $6 per person, and during that time played with several cats, including three younger kittens who were quite playful. The establishment is smaller, but well laid out with plenty of seating. We got a ice cream and drink with our purchase of time, and were quite happy to be so well received by the owner. It’s a fun stop if you like cats and want to kick back for a bit.”


Had a wonderful experience

“This was my first time experience at a cat cafe in Japan. The lady was very nice and showed us the lockers and instructions before entering the place. The cats are very playful and do not afraid of people. Bob (the black and white) was my favorite! He tried to steal the toy from me when I was playing with other cats! All cats loved attentions and easy to get along with. All cats are very attached to the owner as well.”


Excellent if you love little cats!

“My wife loved this cafe! It is a soothing place to have coffee and pet a cat. They somehow keep the place very clean (saw a Roomba in the corner). The cafe also has air conditioning if you visit in the summer.”


How to find Neko Café TiME

Our cat café is located between Keihan Main Line Fushimi Inari station and JR Inari station. As seen on the map, enter the building on the western side of the river, then please climb the stairs to the 2nd floor.

When are you open?

Opening Hours: Every day (even holidays) from 10:30AM-07:00PM (April 1st to September 30th) 10:30AM-06:00PM (October 1st to April 30th). Last admission is 30 minutes before closing. If we have no guests by then, we close early.

Address: 〒612-0012 Kyōto-fu, Kyōto-shi, Fushimi-ku, Fukakusa Ichinotsubochō, 12−2 Hisayasu bldg 2F

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